Come and see the many
museum items displayed at
Kindred City Hall!
at Kindred City Hall

Open to everyone, including
men, concerned about

2x a week for 1 hour

Mondays and Fridays
at 10:30am

All Equipment furnished
No charg

Sponsored by
Community of Care

ACH Auto Pay by Bank Draft

HERE or at City Hall.  
Kindred Area Ambulance Service
will be offering
CPR and First Aid
Courses on the third Thursdays
of each month.
Fees vary based on course.
Pre-registration is required.
Contact Rachel at 701-238-3631
or Cindy at 701-428-3131
for more information.
CLICK HERE for more information
and to sign up for
CodeRED alerts to
receive emergency notifications from
Cass County
City of Kindred is looking to fill two vacant
seats on the Special Assessment Committee.

The only qualification is to live within Kindred city limits!
Must attend two-four meetings per project that requires
assessments to be certified to City parcels.

Interested parties can contact Kindred City Hall
for more information.
City of Kindred is looking to recruit interested
residents and business owners to
create an Economic Development Committee
and Renaissance Board.

As our community continues to grow and progress,
we are focusing to ensure we are ready to
welcome all that the future holds!

Interested parties should contact Kindred City Hall
for more information.

Kindred 2020 Plan (by NDSU in 2011)
The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands
of people across the country to assist with the
2020 Census count.

Earn extra income while helping your community.

There are two different job openings:

The first wave of jobs will be the mostly address canvassers.
If selected for a job interview, phone calls will be made to applicants
starting about the middle of June 2019.
If selected, paid job training will start the first week of August 2019
and may last approximately 3 days.
These jobs will generally last four to eight weeks.
The salary for these jobs is $15.50 per hour.
Mileage will be paid at 58 cents per mile.
The average work week will be 20 to 40 hours per week.

The next wave of jobs will be mostly census takers.
These jobs will also last four to eight weeks.
Same pay. Same mileage rate. More paid training.
The jobs start in early 2020.

You only need to apply once.
You should apply as soon as possible for the best chance at getting hired.

Apply on line at:
If applicants have problems or questions, call 1-855-JOB-2020
New Water Tower – Increased Water Pressure Notice:
The new water tower was designed taller than the old water tower to increase water pressure throughout the city.
The recommended normal working pressure in the system should be approximately 60 to 80 psi. The new water
tower will provide a maximum system pressure of around 62 psi when completely full. The old water tower
provided a system pressure of around 50 psi when full.

Please be aware that the increased water system pressure may affect inadequate plumbing starting August 15th.
The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the year
2018 is available to any interested parties. To obtain a
copy of the “Consumer Confidence Report” contact
Tabitha Arnaud, City Auditor at 701-428-3115. The
report is also available
Notice: Termination of service line at old water tower

There is potential for a reduction in water pressure for residents who live in the
Newport Ridge development and those South of Maple Street
when the contractors terminate the old water tower service lines.
This part of the project is expected to be completed within one working day,
however, there is always a need to preparedness and to adjust quickly to delays.
We ask that you kindly restrict your water use (no sprinklers/irrigation systems) during this time.
We will update here and issue email notices when this event begins and ends.
Tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 19th.