Question -  Do I need a building permit to add a deck or remodel my home?

Yes, building permits are required for any improvements or additions to your property. Contact Midwest Inspection Services at 701-426-8823 for
further information regarding building permits.

Question - Can I have a fire pit?

Yes. Burning can occur within an approved manufactured device or structure which ensures that the fire shall be contained and shall not escape
from the device. Approved devices include manufactured fire rings, outdoor fireplaces but do NOT include burning barrels, old recycled wheels or
other junk or iron materials. All fires need to be supervised at all times with a fire extinguisher at hand. Contact City Hall for more information on this

Question -  Does the City require my pet to be licensed?

Yes. All dogs and cats 6 months of age or older must be registered and licensed with the City. Pet licenses are available for purchase at City Hall.
Prices range from $3-$5 per pet and are valid from January 1-December 31 each year. Once a year, City Hall brings in a local veterinarian to
provide shots for your animals. At the same time, you can update your pet’s registration and tags.

Question -  Can I drive my snowmobile or ATV on the streets?

Snowmobiles and ATVs are permitted to be operated within the city limits only from the residence of the registered owner to the trail, taking the
shortest route practicable.

Question -  What do I do with my lawn and brush debris?

Yard Waste/Compost rolloff dumpsters are located on West Elm Street, across the train tracks by the City Shop. This is for grass clippings, leaves,
and small branches (no larger than a soda can). No plastic bags please. There is a garbage can there for you to place your used trash bags. If the
dumpsters are full, please do not leave your yard waste on the ground; doing so is considered illegal dumping and is punishable by fines. Please
check back the following day for an empty rolloff and/or call City Hall (701-428-3115) to let us know they are full.

Question -  I want to hold a family reunion. Do you have a building I can rent?

Yes. The City Hall can be rented as well as the Memorial Building located at our park. Call City Hall for rental information and availability.

City of Kindred parks are tobacco free
E-Cigarettes Follow Same Law as Regular Cigarettes in North Dakota
Fargo Cass Public Health would like to remind e-cigarette users and ND businesses that e-cigarettes are prohibited in all places where smoking is
not allowed under the law; and that smoking is prohibited outside within 20 feet of entrances, exits, operable windows, air intakes and ventilation
systems of an establishment where smoking is prohibited by law. Also, smoke-free signs must be posted at all entrances to public places and
places of employment including: restaurants, bars, truck stops, guest rooms and common areas within hotels and motels, health care facilities, long-
term and assisted living centers, and licensed adult day care facilities.

The fine for not complying with the law by an owner, manager, or person of general supervisory responsibility of an establishment is not to exceed
$100 for the first violation, not to exceed $200 for a second violation within one year, and not to exceed $500 for each additional violation within
one year of the preceding violation.

To assist the public and businesses with the transition into the smoke-free law, Fargo Cass Public Health has educational resources and
complementary signage available for local businesses. In addition, downloadable signage templates and educational resources are available at

For more information about the smoke-free law, contact Holly Scott at Fargo Cass Public Health at 701-241-8576, or the Center for Tobacco
Prevention & Control Policy at 1-877-277-5090 or [email protected]